Local Business Meeting Successful

We had a very successful meeting this evening, around 100 people turned up, much to Network Rail’s chagrin, they appeared genuinely shocked at the response from the local community.

Network Rail sent :-

  • Fed Hussain – Community Relations Advisor
  • Jana Sparks – Public Affairs Manager
  • Phil Whicher – Project Manager
  • Simon Chapman – Route Enhancement Manager

to speak with us. They admitted that they had failed to appreciate the damage the closure would inflict on the local community, that they should have consulted with local businesses, and that they had not adequately followed up on the points raised at the public meeting on the 4th of October. Unfortunately they could not explain why, having identified the serious problems with the project, they failed to appoint a senior manager to deal with the issues and take immediate action to resolve the problems.

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Compensation Update from Chuka Umunna

Chuka provided the following update on his website yesterday evening:-

I wanted to provide a quick update as I have now received a partial response from Network Rail following the two emails I posted on Friday.

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Watching the Junction

I’ve been repeatedly told by Lambeth Council and Network Rail that the junctions affected by the engineering work are being monitored for safety. Prior to the bridge closure the Streatham Vale junction was being monitored from a van parked on Greyhound lane facing the wrong way. I should have taken pictures. In the meantime here’s a picture of a bloke conscientiously monitoring the safety of the road junction at three in the afternoon. Yes, that is a copy of the Sun he’s reading.

Weekend Closure’s at Streatham Common and Re-timing of the London Bridge Service

Buried in a word document on the Lambeth council website is information about weekend closures affecting the station. After last weekend’s disruption of the London Bridge service, and knowing that the London Bridge service from Streatham Common is going to be re-timed from May 2013 due to the closure of platforms 14 – 16 to allow for the rebuilding of London Bridge station I began looking into the amount of additional disruption that we are going to experience.

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Reminder about Wednesday Night’s Meeting

As announced before there is a meeting for local business owners tonight in the back room of the Railway pub at 7pm.

Network Rail will be attending, as will a representative from Lambeth council who will be making a block application for business rate relief for all of the local businesses.

Look forward to seeing you all there.