How To Claim Compensation from Network Rail

The current state of play is that Network Rail do not want to accept legal liability for economic losses suffered by local businesses as a result of the bridge closure. They will consider applications on a case by case basis and as they said at the meeting they will help those worst affected and in imminent danger of going under.

We’ve all complained about the form they have provided for this as it is for personal injury claims. Network Rail have now said they will accept an email or letter containing the following information:-

  • Business Name and Address;
  • Contact name and number;
  • Business Owner;
  • Nature of Business;
  • Is the property leased, if so can you provide details of landlord; and
  • Brief description of the impact on your business.

Emailed to I’ve created the form below, which will send your claim directly to Rebecca.

Compensation Claim Form

Please be spesific when describing the impact on your business, if there is a date that you will be unable to trade beyond, please include that information, and accurately describe the impact on your daily takings and footfall.


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