Public Meeting for Local Residents

Network Rail and Lambeth Council have arranged a public meeting to allow local residents to let them know how their poor arrangements and bad communication have affected them during the period of the Bridge Closure.


7pm Thursday 6 December 2012
Granton Primary School, Granton Road, Streatham Vale, SW16 5AN

To ensure your complaints are addressed at the meeting use our complaints form to let Network Rail’s community relations team know how the bridge closure has affected you.


Where to Send Complaints

I’ve added some new pages to the site that allow you to send complaints about the bridge work directly to Network Rail or Lambeth Council see the complaints page for more information.

Watching the Junction

I’ve been repeatedly told by Lambeth Council and Network Rail that the junctions affected by the engineering work are being monitored for safety. Prior to the bridge closure the Streatham Vale junction was being monitored from a van parked on Greyhound lane facing the wrong way. I should have taken pictures. In the meantime here’s a picture of a bloke conscientiously monitoring the safety of the road junction at three in the afternoon. Yes, that is a copy of the Sun he’s reading.

Commercial Waste Charges

Good news on waste charges

Arpin Miah from Lambeth Council’s Waste management unit was kind enough to call me yesterday. Sadly they are unable to attend the meeting tomorrow night but they have confirmed that those using Lambeth Council for waste collection services can amend their contracts.

Key information

Business owners can contact the Lambeth call centre on 0207 926 9000 and request a visit from one of our dedicated area officers. Alternatively you can call the commercial waste team directly on 0207 926 3072 or 0207 926 1253.

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FOI Requests, Business Rates, and Waste Charges

Yesterday I made three Freedom of Information Act requests to help us find out what’s really going on with Network Rail and Lambeth Council

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Network Rail Plans Drawn Up In June

Throughout the meetings that have been held between myself, Network Rail, Volker Fitizpatrick and Lambeth Council their representatives have claimed that the could not have notified residents of the breadth and extent of the plans for the bridge because they did not know far enough in advance what they were going to be.

However the architectural plans for the works referred to in their planning submission to Lambeth Council of the 27th of September were drawn up in June, so Network Rail and Volker Fitzpatrick must have known how disruptive their plans were going to be at several months prior to the work commencing.

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