Very Positive Phone Call With Network Rail

I spoke with Simon Chapman from Network Rail this afternoon. We had a very constructive discussion, it appears they have finally internalised the problems with the Streatham Bridge Project and have admitted their very obvious failings.

I’m waiting for a written response from them before I can say anything else publicly, but we will get help in some form, and it will happen quickly.

Thank you so much for coming together as a community last night – we left them in no doubt about the severity of the problems we are experiencing and we will make sure they meet their obligations to us.


3 thoughts on “Very Positive Phone Call With Network Rail

  1. Is there any chance of getting the to reverse there decision to make Greyhound lane One Way!, It’s like a cull-de-sac at the moment. where you can leave but not enter, at least with two way traffic, people come and leave the same way., and might make the place look a bit more lively

    • Hi John, I think we can get this done. I spoke with Lambeth’s Strategic Traffic Manager this morning, they can do it but want to wait until ‘driver behaviour’ in the new one way systems has improved. They also have safety concerns about traffic on the side streets and around the schools.

      I’ve asked Emily from Chuka’s office to contact him about this and perhaps you can too, his contact information is as follows. Ian Baker, Strategic Traffic Manager, Environmental Services & Highways – Tel. 020 7926 1254, give him a call and let him know that we need to have greyhound lane re-opened.

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