Compensation Update from Chuka Umunna

Chuka provided the following update on his website yesterday evening:-

I wanted to provide a quick update as I have now received a partial response from Network Rail following the two emails I posted on Friday.

Claim form – I pointed out that the claim form they sent was not applicable to the circumstances. They confirmed that this is the form they use in all cases of loss (and ask businesses only to fill out the relevant parts). However, they have agreed that in this case businesses can at this stage write to them setting out their circumstances instead.

Proof requested – Network Rail had asked that businesses submit proof of loss in the form of “invoices, receipts, [and] quotations” – I pointed out this was totally inappropriate for most of the businesses affected. Network Rail have now agreed that if businesses prefer they can also provide them with figures of businesses’ takings for the whole of this month and for the equivalent month in the previous two years.

Specialist contact – At my request they have now provided a named individual (with an email address and phone number) for all compensation claims. If your business has been affected please contact my office who will be able to pass you this information.

I will post another update as soon as Network Rail have responded further to the points I raised in my last email to them (particularly about their criteria for compensation and the timescales for dealing with the claims), but please feel free to continue to contact me directly.


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