Weekend Closure’s at Streatham Common and Re-timing of the London Bridge Service

Buried in a word document on the Lambeth council website is information about weekend closures affecting the station. After last weekend’s disruption of the London Bridge service, and knowing that the London Bridge service from Streatham Common is going to be re-timed from May 2013 due to the closure of platforms 14 – 16 to allow for the rebuilding of London Bridge station I began looking into the amount of additional disruption that we are going to experience.

Network Rail’s website lists each disruption separately, so it’s hard to get a complete picture, so I contacted Daniel Salas at Southern. They are presently unaware of any disruption at the station, but he assures me he will respond to my enquiry within 10 working days.

I know that there is going to be additional disruption to services over Christmas and into January, I’ll update you all when I know more.

The six closures we know about

Weekend closures of the line will mean rail replacement bus services will run on certain weekends in February and March 2013. At the time of writing these dates remain as follows: 9-11 February, 16-18 February, 24-25 February, 2-4 March, 9-11 March, 23-25 March. Rail replacement service will use Kempshott Road, Ellison Road and Greyhound Lane.


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