Possible Business Rate Relief

Councillor Alex Davies writes with an update from Lambeth Council on possible business rate relief.

Dear David,

Please could you confirm what if any arrangements are being made for the Council to give business rate relief to firms in Streatham Vale and Greyhound Lane. The Council has agreed with Network Rail a programme of works which closes the bridge connecting Streatham Vale with Greyhound Lane, and this has had a hugely deleterious effect on trade. At a public meeting in October, it was suggested that rate relief could be given as some small mitigation for the loss of business. We also strongly believe that Network Rail should likewise give some compensation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
Alex Davies

And the response from Maureen Smith, Client Performance Manager for Lambeth Council

Dear Cllr. Davies,

We received information regarding these works from Angelina the Streatham Town Centre Manager prior to the meeting that was held with Network Rail. We offered assistance by visiting the affected businesses at a time convenient to them to assist in placing a block appeal to the Valuation Office Agency to have their rateable values reduced. Angelina passed my details to them but unfortunately I didn’t hear anything from them.

At the beginning of this week, David Packer of the Leader’s office contacted me with regards to funding some relief to the affected businesses and they are looking into where this funding will come from. I am awaiting a system report detailing all of the businesses in the whole affected area’s to be run so I can pass onto them to see how much is potentially involved. Please be assured that we do realise the importance of this and are working as quickly as possible to supply the information so that a decision can be made.

Best regards,



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