Network Rail Ignoring Calls Again

I’ve made over a dozen calls to Network Rail’s Head of Community Relations over the last two weeks and not received a single response. Despite having messages sent to them via the press office they have still not returned any of my calls, and on the one occasion I’ve managed to speak to Seb (the ‘communications’ manager for the bridge project, I’ve simply received the brush off.

If you guys could do me the favour of emailing your complaints about the bridge closure to and we may get some action.

NR really are an absolute joke.


Seb, otherwise known as Fadaia is the community liaison officer for the Streatham Bridge project – so the utterly shambolic communications regarding the project are his responsibility. Rupal is his boss, I suggest readers write to them and express their anger about how Network Rail have conducted the project and how poorly Fadaia has done his job.

I did manage to speak to him toward the end of the day. He knew nothing of the new poster at the station and, while he seemed to agree that it was poor practice to publish a third date for the end of the works, he simply doesn’t get the problem and is only able to respond with corporate platitudes. He can’t seem to appreciate the serious repercussions of both the bridge project and his dreadful communications work – I am so very tired of trying to get some sense out of Network Rail Community Relations team, I’m now naming and shaming those responsible.


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