Meeting for Local Businesses

Myself, Jan from the Card shop, and Shane from the Railway have organised a meeting to be held in the back room of the Railway Pub on Wednesday November 21st at 7pm, please note that this is for local business owners only. We will organise a separate meeting for local residents to express their concerns in the near future.

We’ve invited representatives of Network Rail and Lambeth Council to speak alongside the local MP who has said he might attend if possible, or send a representative.

The purpose of the meeting is:-

  • Hear from Lambeth Council’s Maureen Smith who will be organising a block appeal for business rate relief for all the businesses in attendance.
  • Hear from representatives of Network Rail on possible compensation, and get a clear idea if the work is going on for 6, 9, or 14 months.
  • Decide on a reasonable formula for compensation to put to Network Rail.
  • Agree on and sign an open letter to Network Rail requesting an apology, compensation, and an acceleration of the programme of building work.
  • Discuss possible collective legal action.

We need each business to to write a paragraph of text for the open letter detailing how the closure has affected your takings, costs, access to shops etcetera, along with a contact address, phone number and email address.

Please bring this along to the meeting, or email it to as soon as possible.


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