Chuka Gets On Board

After my emails to Network Rail and Chuka Umunna on the 8th of October and 17th of October and I was very disappointed in his response 26 days later as it was factually incorrect and appeared to be yet another generic response, and I’ve had too many of those. In frustration I sent several tweets to him over the week beginning the 5th of November, no response to those but…

On the 9th he published a news item on his website attacking Network Rail

Network Rail’s handling of these works has been totally unsatisfactory. The unnecessary disruption caused to local businesses and our community is completely unacceptable and I am particularly concerned about the safety implications of the temporary traffic management system that has been put in place.

On the 10th he made an unannounced visit to Streatham Common Station, I was able to speak to him as I happened to be walking past as he arrived at the station. While he obviously wasn’t pleased I was so angry with his office’s indirect and very late response, he at least had the good grace to apologise for the communication failures and he agreed to remedy them in the future.

He toured several local businesses, and was kind enough to have a sit down meeting with a dozen local traders in the SPS Estate Agents office where he indicated compensation for the area was his top priority.

He’s going to meet with network rail’s CEO very soon and will (I hope get back to us).


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