Action From the Office of Rail Regulation

I received this email from the Office of Rail Regulation today:

Dear Mr,

I write further to my email 18th October 2012 as I have been asked by our safety team to provide you with the following update:

One of our Engineer’s visited the site to observe the arrangements in place. Subsequently we have written to Network Rail requesting that;

1. They again review the traffic / pedestrian layout arrangements especially at the conflict at Estreham road and Aberford Road, dwell times on pedestrian crossings and conflicts for traffic turning right;

2. To explain the reasons for the works and to comment on its liaison with Southern Railway, Lambeth Borough Council and London TravelWatch with regard to its network licence and statutory obligations so as to minimise the disruption of the works on passengers, pedestrians and lineside neighbours.

We will write to you again when we have received a reply from Network Rail.

Yours sincerely

Having spoken to a member of HM Inspectorate of the Railway on the phone it appears that after my second email they sent an inspector to review the site, and have written to Network Rail requesting that they fix the site and provide information to the local residents. Sadly they lack the legal authority to order improvement, but this at least means those with the power to regulate Network Rail have responded, and that Network Rail are ignoring a request from their own regulator regarding the safety of the road works.


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