Site Meeting with Network Rail and Volker Fitzpatrick

Today I met with a representative of Network Rail Project Management, James Arzur-Kean, and the man responsible for designing the layout for the road works on behalf of Volker Fitzpatrick.

It was a very disappointing meeting, the Volker representative was clearly out of his depth and it was painfully obvious he’s spent no time at all on site observing the traffic and pedestrian flows before deciding what to do.

I made the very obvious suggestion remove the pedestrian crossing from Eardly Road (apparently you can only have 3 sets in a temporary setup), place this across Aberfoyle Road, and block the right turn for traffic coming over the bridge with traffic  cones, at least then pedestrians will have traffic coming at them from only one direction. It seems this is too difficult as you would have to move a set of the traffic lights, and you would need permission from the council to do it.

He admitted that he had conducted no risk assessment for pedestrians, or an impact analysis on local businesses, and seemed genuinely surprised that traffic parks up in the side streets to visit the shops. He was very clear that Voker have done everything legally required of them, of course that doesn’t mean they’ve done the right thing.

Apparently the single flashing sign at near the roundabout at the bottom of Streatham Vale is enough, and they don’t propose to do more.

Unfortunately there was no time to discuss communications with the community.


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