Response from Councillor Peck

I received the following response to my email of the 8th October from Cllr Peck, who has cabinet responsibility for road works at Lambeth Council.

Dear Mr,

Thank you for your email. Cllr Reed asked me to respond on his behalf, as this is my Cabinet responsibility. I’m very sorry for the experience that you have had getting in contact with the Council and Network Rail and the communications, I agree that this could have been better on all sides. I understand the issues you’ve raised about safety and disruptions and I’ve asked the Council’s transport and highways team and Network Rail to look into these and provide a fuller response.

Network Rail is responsible for the work but we have been working closely with them. The work to extend the platforms at Streatham Common station is to allow longer trains and more passengers. But the work will mean that the railway bridge at Greyhound Lane will need to be closed, first partially until November 2nd and then fully in both directions until April 29 2013. Local councillors and council traffic officers have held meetings with representatives from Network Rail to try and make sure disruption is kept to a minimum. A public meeting was held by Network Rail in Streatham Vale on 4 October. We have put a news item on our website and information about the diversions and traffic management plans can be found here.

We will be keeping watch on this extremely closely to monitor traffic levels and are seeking regular meetings with Network Rail and local residents to monitor progress and share any concerns as the work progresses.

The Council has also set up an email address for enquiries relating to the traffic management around these works:

Kind regards,


Cllr Lib Peck
Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Strategic Housing

Not a particularly impressive response, ‘we could have done this better’ but no offer of action. I made the following reply:

Dear Cllr Peck,

So far as I can see the plan as a whole is weak, ill conceived, incompetently executed, utterly destructive to the local economy and dangerous to pedestrians.

The complete failure to communicate the plan to local residents in advance of the works starting is yet another demonstration, if one were needed, of the expensive incompetence of Lambeth council.

There is no sustainable argument for extending the platform underneath this road bridge. I therefore formally request you suspend the bridge closure plan immediately until it can be properly considered by the community and a fit plan can be made.

If you would like to discuss this please contact me on [number removed]


His response was:

Dear Mr,

I understand that you are meeting with Network Rail tomorrow. It is clearly their project and their proposals so you will have an opportunity to discuss the soundness of it with them tomorrow.

Network Rail has also been leading the communications. However as I said in my earlier mail I am sorry that you have found the Council equally unresponsive. I am hoping that following the public meeting where there were many suggestions about improving the Council’s communications Lambeth will be able to improve its information to residents.

Best wishes,

Councillor Lib Peck, Thornton ward
Cabinet member for Regeneration and Strategic Housing


2 thoughts on “Response from Councillor Peck

  1. Isn’t this a missed opportunity?

    While the bridge is being replaced why don’t we use this opportunity to fix a problem that we currently have with the traffic over this narrow bridge?
    Historically the jams on the bridge for people travelling towards Streatham Vale were mainly caused by traffic in the filter lane just after the bridge – wanting to turn right into Aberfoyle Road – over-spilling onto the bridge and blocking it.

    The answer – If the current temporary pedestrian walkway along side the bridge were made permanent, it would free up the new road bridge to have a third traffic lane, which could be used for the traffic wanting to go down Streatham Vale, freeing up the blocked traffic.

    I think this scheme would be the perfect answer for the local community, to make amends for all the troubles caused to them by British Rail.

    Carol Chapman – local resident

    • Hi Carol, I did bring this up with Network Rail but it would require a much longer closure. Our hope is that they will be able to turn the footbridge into a service bridge which will carry the utility pipes which will reduce the length of the closure and mean that the bridge won’t need to be closed for maintenance of those pipes.

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