Network Rail Ignoring Calls About Unsafe Roadworks

Network Rail partially closed the Streatham Vale / Greyhound Lane Bridge on the 17th of September 2012. In doing so they removed all four pedestrian crossings from the Streatham Vale road crossing outside Streatham Common railway station. Streatham Vale is a four lane road used by numerous local residents and school children each morning and evening rush hour, and the adjacent station is the sixth busiest on the Southern Railway network with 12,932 people using the station daily.

After a particularly scary incident, where myself and another local resident walking with her children, were almost hit by a car on the Junction of Aberfoyle Road, I contacted Network Rail’s ‘Safety Hotline’ to report the problem with the pedestrian crossings.

I made the first call on Friday 5th of October. As you would expect the people I spoke to attempted to suggest that it was the council’s issue, but they would have someone from their safety team call me back. Of course no one called me back! So placed another call to Network Rail on the afternoon of Monday 8th October, again the call centre operators tried to palm the issue off on the council, and again I didn’t receive a call back. I placed a third call on Tuesday 9th October – and again I received no response.


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